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Almost There

Sunday, 26 February 2012


We are into the final week of preparations and are becoming very excited. The bed in the second bedroom is strewn with clothing and other articles as we select what we think we'll need.

Although we are sailing Northward it will still be quite cold when we get to China and Japan. Here we are experiencing a warm "Indian Summer" but will be heading into an early Spring. There's also the tropics to negotiate. Darwin, Bali, Malaysia and even Hong Kong on the way up. Then there's Guam, Rabaul and Brisbane on the way back. Working out our clothing needs is proving a challenge.

As we're sailing round trip Sydney to Sydney there's no airline limitations on our luggage. There is however a weight limit for the coach trip there and back but the driver doesn't enforce it too strictly.

This should be the last posting until we're aboard.

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Another Step Forward

Friday 2012-02-03

Today we received our passports which had been sent to the Visa for China centre in Sydney. The cost for the two of us with postage both ways is around $250 which is a bit excessive for one day in Shanghai. Next year when we visit Beijing for a week it will be better value for money.
With just four weeks to go we're getting quite excited at the prospect of being on board a cruise ship. I'm just a little apprehensive as this will be by far the longest cruise we've undertaken.
We've also discovered why it was difficult to find cheap accommodation in Sydney on Saturday 3 March 2012, it happens to be the Mardi Gras that night.
Next report will be when we're packed and ready, unless there's some drama in the meanwhile.
Till next time.

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Boarding Passes and Luggage Tags

Another step on the way


An important step on our way to the cruise. Boarding Passes and Luggage Tags are available - it is REALLY happening.

The next task is to prepare the Visa application for the day in China. Then the credit card company has to be advised of our itinerary. We also use a Citi Bank account for ATM withdrawals whilst overseas, so we'll have to let them know as well, might even be a good idea to stash some money into the account. I don't like paying interest on loans.

Only 59 days to go !!

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In The Deep End

First Step - booked the cruise

We've decided that we'll do another cruise in 2012. This will be aboard the Sea Princess, departing from and returning to Sydney. This cuts out any restrictions on baggage imposed by the airlines.

The cruise is for 42 day starting 4 March 2012. We will touch on Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Guam and Papua New Guinea.

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